About Me

When people ask me what I do I never really know how to answer. Through the years what keeps me most busy has changed a lot and at any given time I have multiple projects going between work, home, family, and various DIY/crafting projects. But what it always comes down to is creativity.

HISTORY: A 2004 graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design my bachelors degree is in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Painting. While at MIAD I discovered home much I like to be hands on, building something, getting painty, or trying out a new media. After school I struggled with where to go next and ended up doing light graphic design work. Almost accidentally I started doing custom painting in homes for friends and family first and then their friends and family. Thus The Designist, LLC was first established in February 2006.

PAINT: An interior design company specializing in custom painting, my goal is to bring the unique and artistic to everyday homes. Keeping costs down and focusing on designs fit for the home, clients are pleased with the hand painted designs created especially for their rooms that can make even the smallest bathroom into a work of art.

DIGITAL: Since having my first daughter in 2010, and another in 2012, the painting has gotten a little less frequent but the creativity is still flowing. The graphic arts have played a bigger role (since I can do them in my PJs after the girls are asleep!). I have worked with BILTRITE Furniture since the business began in 2006 but also take on smaller design projects including typography printables for peoples homes.

MIXED MEDIA: In the last few years I have also been trying to expand my Etsy shop. I began with painted heat resistant tile coastersĀ  and trivets, added in custom baby mobiles, and launched my line of Artsy Fartsy cloth diapers and accessories. Artsy Fartsy diapers share the love of color with a rainbow of fabrics and buttons that can even be custom ordered. I am hoping to continue with the green products and add reusable snack bags and non-paper towels this fall. I am even exploring some options for smaller scale paintings for kids’ rooms.