Painting Projects

July 2023: I have added almost all my projects since redesigning the site in 2020/2021. I have some new projects from this last year coming soon!

Here you will find a sample of my painting projects ranging from home bedrooms to commercial showrooms. You can scroll to see most recent or use the search bar ar the right to narrow it down. If you are interested in a painting project, please contact me for info, rates, and how to get started.

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-Some other tags I use frequently are: Geometric, Stripes, Natural or Nature, Fun, Kids, Business, Animals or search for a year.

Faux Venetian Plaster

This technique is meant to mimic venetian plaster but is done entirely with paint. In this space it was used to bring some color to

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Art Deco Kitchen

A bold design for a bold couple! This design was based on an Art Deco pattern I came across. Two shades of taupe and three

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Snowmobile Retreat

Designing this mural had a new twist for me, the focal piece was actually attached to the wall! I built a landscape around the mounted snowmobile adding a driver

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Woodland Tea Party

The light fixture (a tea pot surrounded by tea cup lights) for this playroom was the inspiration for this mural. A bear, raccoon, and fox share a cup of

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Sheep Dog Bedroom

Two sheep dogs were added to this cute girl’s room to bring in her best friend. Modeled after the family sheep dog, these two add a playful element. One

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Funky Flowers

Giant funky flowers were pulled from the bedding to make this fun nursery. Purple and green are girlie without being cliche and give the room personality. Two frogs add

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Vine Accent Wall

This plain wall needed a little character to go with the couple’s unique artwork. A combination of whimsical swirls and natural leaves makes this vine

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