Animal Playroom

Bringing the outside in, this basement playroom gets some much needed color and fun. A giant turtle hides behind the door to the rest of the house, while a monkey hangs from a tree in the next room. A giraffe cranes his head down to look at children playing below. Under a fanciful sun is a lion with a soft, friendly face.

Nautical Rec Room

A rec room with a view of the lake, this mural incorporates the lake house atmosphere with the client’s love of golfing. The red used to paint the golfer, flag, and sail boats was pulled from a nearby wall. Boats sailing in the distance bring in a nautical theme that carries through the house. A small cabinet in the nearby entryway was painted to . . . Read More

BILTRITE Furniture Kids’ Dept.

An exciting space to shop for kids’ furniture, each room celebrates a different shape and color. Red circles provide a great backdrop for light finished girls’ furniture. Blue diamonds are all boys. Green ovals and yellow stripes set the stage for wooden sets. More sophisticated orange squares greet both youth and those who are just young at heart.