Woodland Silhouette

This two tone design features many woodland animals. Deer, racoon, squirrels, bunnies, hedgehog, a bear,  and a few birds inhabit this room. There are also a few hidden fairies to be found! Keeping everything in shades of pink keep this space from becoming overwhelming.  You Might Also Like… Pretty in Pink – Garden Shed – . . . Read More

Jungle Cat Bedroom

When this kid asked for a panther design I thought they meant a jungle scene with a panther in a tree. They didn’t. Instead the jungle plants play a supporting role to this larger than life panther named Night Whisper. Many ask if the panther has caused nightmares. But the resident claims that Night Whisper . . . Read More

Rainbow Bedroom

This alternative rainbow was created with the favorite colors of the two girls that share this room.  Placement was very important, both parties wanted to see the rainbow from their bed. Accent colors were added to the ladder on the bunk bed and knobs on the dresser.  You Might Also Like… Boho Rainbow – Funky . . . Read More